Planning Opinion / Development advice

Marston Planning has considerable expertise in the preparation of both urban and rural site appraisals across the country.

We provide clients with development advice, including reviewing a scheme concept and its compliance with planning policy, relating to the development potential of a site prior to or shortly after purchase of a property.  Our role involves advising on the development potential of a site having regard to its physical characteristics, zoning provisions, planning precedent, relevant planning policy and Development Plan standards.

This provides our clients with a clear picture of any particular site’s planning status and allows clear conclusions to be reached as to the issues likely to arise in the course of a planning application for development on that site, and the potential it has for development.

Our advice will identify whether supplementary consultants, such as archaeologists, engineers or arborists etc., will need to be appointed and whether additional studies such as shadow analysis, retail impact assessments will be required. Case experience includes enforcement matters, judicial review, property arbitration, high court injunctions and property disputes.